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Casey Trainor is 12 years old and an animal lover. She dreams to one day be a veterinarian. But for now she wants to give dogs the chance to have a tasty treat, without the waste. It all started with looking at the ingredients of her Grandmas dogs treats, and she could barely even understand what the ingredients were. And it wasn't just that she was 10 years old, but because her parents couldn't  even read it she realized how artificial most dog treats are. When she finally got a dog she didn't want him to have fake food so she went on a mission to get him the most healthy snacks ever. When she found a good recipe it only had 5 ingredients! Her dog enjoyed them so much she started to give friends and family them and ended up creating Tricks 4 Treats. We are a Gluten free, all natural dog treat business that still taste good while doing good. 

Owner/Founder/Baker: Casey Trainor

CoOwner: Allison Trainor

Taste Tester: Nero


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